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Stellar Nexus is a Trading Card Game project.

It is made by the community of Prisme des Créateurs


The game is inspired by pioneers of the genre, such as Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh or Hearthstone.

He manages to find his own style with unique gameplay and varied designs.

To complete the presentation, you can have an insight of the different factions and their description in the Visuals section


Here will be updated a progress report of the project.

It will obviously not be very precise but it will give you an idea.

Dam'Nareh : 99%
Hilotes : 97%
Rayji : 95%
Kern : 97%
Cypios : 95%
General Lore : 100%

Marketing : 45%

The amount of work being enormous, the objective would be to finish the game during 2024.

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The first projet edition is made exclusively by volunteers.

We operate under the status of association law 1901

However, it will take money to physically produce the cards.

Making a Kickstarter may help us to materialize the project into physical cards. Marketise it, and maybe in the future, we'll hope : improve, and help us in our future projet.


The money will be used to produce and sustain the project.

This will also fund the second edition !


Thankfully, to all the artists whom have gave us their trusts, and whom work with us everyday.


We will be happy, if you want to take part of the projet too.

We currently have blacksmiths, illustrators, and writers... but we will happy for having more people to work with ! (in all different domains of arts and others things!)

Feel free to join our
discord server or to contact us via email !

​You can then stay informed and perhaps join the temporary team of the association.

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Créaprisme - 7 Place d'Empeyssine 15700 Pleaux -

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